Goodbye Is Never Easy

Today was my grandfather’s funeral. It’s the reason for my visit to England. I wish I were here under better circumstances.

It was a good funeral, as far as funerals go. It was nice to be able to see the family, and to meet my almost 3 month old twin nephews for the first time, but still difficult.

At the wake there was a book going around for us all to write messages. I was at a loss as to what to write. I’m at a bit of a loss now too. It’s kind of all the usual – I love you, I miss you, I wish I could have seen you, I so grateful that I was able to have you as a part of my life. I wish I could hug you. Can’t really put a hug into words though.

Goodbyes are hard. But they’re unfortunately a necessary part of life, whether the goodbye of a death, it just a ‘normal’ goodbye.

I know it will be difficult to say goodbye to the twins and my family when it’s time to go back home to Finland. The next time I see them they’ll be a lot bigger. It saddens me that by living so far away I’ll miss so much of their lives.

But that’s another story.


Lady Joyful

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