Where’s The Balance?

Sometimes I feel like I’m either super organised, or super disorganised. Or else so organised that it makes me disorganised. Does that even make sense?

For example, I make cards. Frequently. I have several boxes full of cards I have made. I can be very organised with making cards. But then lately it seems like I keep forgetting to send them on time.

I can spend so much time making intricate detailed plans of how I’m going to be productive that I don’t get to the actual productivity. I have five spreadsheets related to card making. One keeps track of the challenges I follow so that I know what I can enter my cards into. Challenges are a good way of promoting the cards, and those with prizes are a handy way to maybe build my stash given that I craft on a budget. The second spreadsheet is where I move the chosen challenge information so that I can keep track of what challenges I need to enter what cards into, if I am working ahead. I have a third spreadsheet where I will then move the completed card challenge information after I have posted it all to the blog. I’m not entirely sure why I have this… I’ve only really used it as a way to count how many cards I blogged about in a year… But anyway.

Then I have a schedule planner spreadsheet, and a project calendar spreadsheet. They both have very similar information, but displayed differently. The planner lists all my DT tasks and other important tasks with deadlines, aimed deadlines, plus a task list (is the card made? filmed? photographed? is the video edited? voice over done? uploaded? is the photo watermarked? did I upload to the DT site? etc.), whilst the project calendar has the DT tasks broken down by team and date into a, surprise surprise, calendar of sorts. Do I need both? Well, kinda…

But it seems like even with all the planning I do I can never get more than a couple of days ahead. I keep trying, and then I start to feel good about how I’m getting ahead, and then suddenly I have three things due in the next 48 hours and don’t know where it all went wrong… It happens.

I had grand plans to get projects set up to go live each day whilst I’m in England for a funeral this coming week. Yeah, doesn’t look like it’ll happen. I still have one project I need to get finalised to go live before I even leave, let alone having anything scheduled for whilst I’m away.

Not going to give up though. I just need to work out how to be more efficiently organised.


Lady Joyful

3 thoughts on “Where’s The Balance?

  1. Perhaps you suffer from self imposed bureaucracy overload. Excessively complicated administrative procedure.
    Simplify your procedures. They have probably grown of their own accord until they have become the monster that rules you.
    “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” — Confucius

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