And Then I Remembered

…that I need to write a blog post!

Saturday nights are kitty sleepover for me as part of my cat sitting duties. I had just got comfortable, with the kitty purring next to me, when I suddenly realised I’d not done this blog post yet. So here I am, quickly blogging on my phone before I go to sleep.

It’s not like I haven’t blogged at all today. I shared a recipe on my food blog and a card (with accompanying video also on my YouTube channel) on my crafting blog. It’s not like I’ve been unproductive.

My work is never done though. So it feels, at least. I still have 4 videos to record, another to edit, plus 2 non-video cards to make, as well as doing all accompanying blog posts and social media, and sorting the food blog, before I fly home to England next week. I’m hoping to have things scheduled in for whilst I’m away. But maybe I’m being overambitious.

Anyway, I should follow kitty’s example and go to sleep.


Lady Joyful

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