Looks Like I Spoke Too Soon

Did you read yesterday’s post? If you did you’ll be aware that I almost definitely got a job. Well this morning I was told that actually, no job.

I’m a bit frustrated, but trying to keep positive. The job is almost-but-not-entirely what I’m looking for, and it seems I’m almost-but-not-entirely who they’re looking for. They’ll keep looking, I’ll keep looking, and hopefully everything works out for everyone in the end.

I have some temporary work at least. I’ve been cat sitting since mid December for 2 different cats. One of those jobs ended already, one is ongoing for a couple more weeks. I’ll be starting Thursday evening babysitting in a couple of weeks time, which will be a weekly commitment. There’s possibly going to be Tuesday evening babysitting too. And today I was offered and accepted a full day of childcare work for next Tuesday. I’ll keep looking for things, and keep taking the odd jobs I can.

I still need to work out about benefits. I think as my income is so low (until I find something more permanent) I would be eligible for unemployment, but I need to look into it and apply. I also need to try and find out about our housing support – we already get some but with me stopping my previous job the amount of support should increase. But applying on the internet requires knowing what your income will be, and mine will be variable, so that complicates matters. I’d hoped I’d find something soon enough that we wouldn’t need to worry about that too much… Oh well.

Thanks to everyone who wishes me luck with the job yesterday when I thought I had it. Today I will ask for more luck with the continuing job hunt.


Lady Joyful

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