I’m Not Tired, You’re Tired

Who even needs sleep anyway, right?

It’s funny because I’m one of those people who like to sleep. But I can also be terrible at getting enough sleep. Or I suppose it’s more that I can be really rubbish about remembering to go to bed on time. Take today for example. I probably should’ve gone to bed an hour ago really, but when my phone buzzed to remind me to start getting ready I set it aside and told myself “I’ll just get this finished…”

There’s always something else that needs doing. Whether it’s a blog post to finish up, or promoting to do on social media, or loading the dishwasher, or…

And then of course there’s trying to get up in the morning. Something I struggle with even if I do have enough sleep, which means that of course it’s even more difficult when I’ve ended up late to bed the night before.

I always tell myself that I’ll do better next time. Tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll sleep more at the weekend. Or on holiday. Or, you know, I can sleep when I’m dead, right?! I know I do need to do better though. Every now and again (though likely not too often) I feel so tired that it makes me lightheaded. Or else I doze off whilst sitting on the sofa cuddling the cat that I’m sitting for. Which I guess technically means I fell asleep whilst working… I suppose it’s not too terrible, given that I can still cat cuddle whilst asleep (kitty was dozing too, on my lap) but I do feel bad about it!

With all that said, I should probably quit rambling and get to bed.

Until next time!


Lady Joyful

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