Thought-Of-The-Day: May 24th 2018

My brain is melting.

I have no thoughts. I think it may be leaking out of my ear. Ugh.

This evening has been busy. Well, I guess the whole day. I did my voiceover for my video before going to work, then finished all my editing once I was home. Then I had to do the uploading, create the description with all the links, finalise the blog post, link it up to all the challenges I want, link it up to the card kit gallery, promote it on Facebook and Instagram, and all of a sudden it’s 22:40 and I should have been in bed like 5 years ago because I have to start work at 7:15 tomorrow which is far too early for me to not be asleep yet.

Oh and tomorrow I should find out if my job will be continuing or not. If not, then I only have about a month of employment left. Eek.

Melting, I tell you.


Lady Joyful

2 thoughts on “Thought-Of-The-Day: May 24th 2018

    • Thank you 😊 I’m not really sure what I want the outcome to be, honestly… Well, I suppose it’s best if my job would be continuing. But part of me likes to think it’d be nice if it didn’t because then I could do the card stuff full-time. Only problem with that is I’ve yet to make any money off of the card stuff… 😶 xxx

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