Thought-Of-The-Day: May 23rd 2018

Why does my brain keep thinking it’s Friday?

Yesterday afternoon at work my brain decided to announce that surely it is Friday, hooray. I pointed out that it was not Friday, but it kept trying to insist that the week was ending and that I should be feeling happy about the weekend.

Today on the bus home, my brain again decided that it is Friday and no more work this week. Despite the fact that it is most definitely not Friday. I was very unimpressed.

I think I’ll go ahead and blame the messed up brain for not having been productive this evening. I was meant to record a voiceover, but instead I sat and caught up on YouTube videos whilst participating in a blog hop. Maybe I will win a prize and it will be worth it. But I still need to get that voiceover done. Preferably so that the video is uploadable tomorrow. Not sure how possible that is…

I also still need to work on a whole bunch of projects before we leave to Denmark next week. I need to get said video finished and uploaded tomorrow. Another recorded, edited, etc for Tuesday. My LFL card kit arrived so I need to make the unboxing and 10 cards videos for that. The 10 cards video could technically be finished after we get back, but I’d rather have it ready to go on the first. And then I have 7-9 other projects to work on that need to be done before our trip too. And I have to work my fulltime job. And occasionally sleep.

My sleep tracking app is not impressed with my sleep schedule lately. It gives me a 1/5. Probably ought to do something about that… Eh, I’ll have time to sleep when I… um… I guess in July? July isn’t that far, right? I have the whole of July off. I can sleep then. No problem.

But I should probably go to bed now.


Lady Joyful

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