Thought-Of-The-Day: May 20th 2018

There’s always so much to do!

Yes, that’s practically the same thought as yesterday. Sorry!

I ended up deciding to postpone the video I was working on to Thursday, because it would have been too much of a rush to get it finished. I did work on it a bit though.

I finished off that work in progress card I had mentioned and got it blogged and publicised today. I also finished off the DT project that’s going to go live tomorrow, though I did decide to skip the optional one because I just wouldn’t have had time.

So, I have two (plus an optional third) videos to get done for this week. One is in the editing phase, the second isn’t even started (and can’t be until the product arrives!), and the optional third is a work in progress. I also have two cards to make for this week, and then blog posts to do for all of those, plus finishing up another blog post that’s in progress. (I’ll do that once I’ve finished writing this.)

Then for the next week I need to do three videos (one being a 10 card 1 kit video for the kit I’m waiting on), and three other cards, plus blogs etc. Three of those things go live when I’m out of the country, and I have four other things that either go live or need to be uploaded during the time I’m away.

All those things are just the ones that are required for DT projects. They don’t count anything that I may decide to do for the “free” days, by which I mean days that don’t have specific design team projects required.

Also, this week I should be finding out what’s happening about my job. I’m honestly not sure what I want the answer to be…


Lady Joyful

2 thoughts on “Thought-Of-The-Day: May 20th 2018

    • Well, I do consider them lower priority. If I have time and an idea I’ll do something for them, but otherwise I’ll skip.

      Also, it’s good you commented because it reminded me I need to have a thought today!

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