Thought-Of-The-Day: May 12th 2018

Well that was a busy and expensive day.

It started with work. I don’t work weekends very often. I think this is only the third Saturday I’ve worked in (almost) 2 years at this job. I only worked a half day, and a good chunk of that was spent on the beach. I don’t mind working Saturdays when it looks like this:

When I finished work my husband met me. Our plan was to go and get my haircut and do some shopping. The haircut didn’t happen, because apparently cutting my hair will cost €50+ which is ridiculous. During our shopping time we ended up buying some haircutting scissors and we’re going to see about doing it ourselves which is a bit terrifying… It only needs trimming and tidying up though, so hopefully it won’t be too terrible.

Other purchases included some clothes that husband needed, two pairs of shoes for me (one pair for a wedding, and another because I needed sandals), make-up and hair stuff (also for the wedding), a refill of husband’s medicine, and dinner (just grabbed to take home, not eating at a restaurant). All told it was over €200. For some people that may not be a lot of money, but for us it is!

Now I think maybe I need an early night. And no more spending for the rest of the month!


Lady Joyful

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