Thought-Of-The-Day: February 11th 2018

Busy, busy, busy!

I know I’m not doing a very good job of doing these thoughts daily, but I really am keeping busy. This weekend I’ve been working on card kits and videos. My January card kit post is done – there wasn’t a video for that one, but I did work on the cards over the last few days.

My Valentine’s card kit is almost done – the camera battery kept dying which meant I had to stop working on the recording, so I’ve still got two cards left to do for that one. The plan is to have the video and blog for that published tomorrow. Luckily I have a late start to work so I should be able to finish the recordings and do my editing. I might be able to get it all finished before I leave for work, but I won’t hold my breath. There are two other cards that I kind of want to get blogged tomorrow, and I haven’t even started on those… They might not happen.

I actually made another video with the Valentine’s card kit too, on top of the work-in-progress 10 cards 1 kit video. I intend to share that one on Wednesday. I just need to get the cards photographed and do the video editing etc.

There’s also a video going up on Tuesday which is a 10 cards 1 kit for another company. I worked on that over the course of the past week. Video needs to be finished up.

I’ve made myself a better schedule in Excel with the hopes that I can keep on top of everything more easily. I think it will help. I feel like I’m kinda-sorta on track, but then I frequently feel like that, and then I always end up feeling like everything is a terrible rush again within a couple of days.

I think once I’ve got these videos sorted it should take the edge off.

And keeping things relevant to this blog… I can’t promise I’ll do these thoughts daily, but I will do them as frequently as I can manage!


Lady Joyful

One thought on “Thought-Of-The-Day: February 11th 2018

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