Thought-Of-The-Day: February 6th 2018

I may have made a terrible mistake…

In the afternoons after the Things wake from their nap they have a snack, go to potty, and then we’re meant to go outside. That doesn’t always happen though because often by the time we’re done with potty there’s not enough time to get ready and head out before my workday would end.

Today we were making good time, so I decided we would go out. Thing 2 was almost completely ready, with Thing 1 not far behind, when the doorbell rang.

It was Thing 2’s dad.

Cue extreme disappointment as Thing 2 realised he had to go outside and wouldn’t be able to join us in the yard. I managed to calm him down, but he still insisted I be the one to finish dressing him to go.

Once he’d left I helped Thing 1 to finish getting dressed. Not 5 seconds later the front door opened. Thing 1’s mum had arrived.

More disappointment.

Seems like today’s yard trip was doomed from the start! Better luck next time, I guess.


Lady Joyful

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