Thought-Of-The-Day: February 5th 2018

May the buses be ever in your favour.

It frequently seems like they’re not in mine…

Take Mondays as an example. The Things go to a club in the morning (well, the older two do) and I have to collect them from it then take them home for nap. The last few weeks I’ve had to run the last little bit to the bus stop because we were almost late as it takes quite a while to get two boys ready. This week I was very happy that we managed to get to the stop in good time with no running required. Indeed we had 4(!) minutes to wait for the bus to arrive.

Now, we use a double buggy. It’s necessary, with two Things. The double buggy is quite wide. We can easily fit on the buggy area if there’s only a single buggy there. We can normally manage with two singles or another double buggy. But when the four minutes was up and the bus arrived there were already 3 single buggies on it. Definitely no room for us.

Thankfully there was space on the next one 8 minutes later.

If it’s not icy underfoot next week I may just not bother with the bus. We would’ve got back about the same time as we did if we’d just walked!


Lady Joyful

2 thoughts on “Thought-Of-The-Day: February 5th 2018

    • We walk most of the time, to be honest. And most of the time they even walk themselves. But coming back from their club we have a bit of a hurry to get them to their nap, which is why I often decide to take the bus instead to speed things up.

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