Thought-Of-The-Day: January 17th 2018

There’s always something to go wrong.

In December I started doing twice monthly videos for a digi-stamp company’s YouTube channel. So far it seems like every time I do a video for them something goes wrong.

The first time I goofed, and did something that resulted in the video having no, well, video. It was just black screen with a voiceover for the majority of it. And I didn’t realise until several hours after it was uploaded. That’s the problem with this things uploading in the middle of the night my time – if there are any issues I won’t catch them until I’m awake!

The second one I somehow managed to schedule 24 hours later than I was meant to. Again, I didn’t catch it until I woke up.

And this time I can’t access the files for sorting the video because they are on my husband’s computer, which has stopped working…

We’re not entirely sure why it’s not working. It was just whirring and won’t boot up. Like the computer itself makes noises (so is doing something), but nothing actually happened.

At first we thought it was the motherboard. It was in warranty so got replaced. Still not working.

Then husband switched things around with my computer to test other parts. The only part that seemed like it could be the cause was the power supply, maybe. So I shifted money around in the budget to scrape together enough to replace it. He just got home from picking it up, installed it and…

Still nothing.

It’s stopped making the weird whirring noise, but it’s still not booting up. The computer (tower) part comes on, but the screen, keyboard etc. do nothing.

I wish we had the money to replace the whole thing completely… He’s been having ongoing issues with it that were concerning but workable. But now it just doesn’t work at all. And the computer is really important to him, so it not working is a Big Deal.

I really hope we can get something sorted out with it…


Lady Joyful

10 thoughts on “Thought-Of-The-Day: January 17th 2018

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  2. Been there. The people who set up my new computer moved some of my files without me knowing and I still haven’t found them all. I look on the bright side. Things could always be worse. Hope your husband’s computer is working soon.

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