Thought-Of-The-Day: January 16th 2018

I’m not so keen on the cold.

I feel like I shouldn’t be complaining though. Today it was -7 (-15 with windchill), but this time a couple of years ago (when we lived up north) it was often -30 which is much colder!

That said, when we lived there I didn’t really have to go out much. Just to the bus stop and back to get to work. But at this job I have to take the boys out to the park each morning, which means I end up standing around at said park for however long we are out. And I end up frozen. I bundled up warmly today in anticipation of it (long-johns, thick winter trousers, 3 pairs of socks, two vest tops, a long-sleeved top, cardigan, thick jacket, arm warmers, thick gloves, thick scarf and hat) and we still ended up leaving the park early because I was so cold it was making me feel ill. Blech.

I still struggle to know exactly what to wear at what temperatures. It partly depends how much moving I’ll be doing. On Monday I was bundled up against the cold, but then walking fast with the boys in the buggy meant I was keeping warm through exercise and so ended up too hot which was equally unpleasant.

I do know that I need to get better gloves though, because my hands always seem to be freezing when we go out… I think my low blood pressure doesn’t help with that one.


Lady Joyful

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