Thought-Of-The-Day: January 10th 2018

You say “happy little boy”, I say “overtired toddler who lay in bed for two hours without napping and is now crazy hyperactive.”

But that’s probably just a matter of opinion, right? Right…

Thing 1 didn’t sleep today. He went to bed as normal, lay in bed nice and quietly, but just wouldn’t fall asleep. And I stayed with him the whole time (2 hours!) hoping he would sleep, but nope.

Nap time is my break-time. So if one of the Things doesn’t nap I don’t get a break. And let’s not even talk about what happens if nobody sleeps…

When I walked him back to his house after snack (we’d been at Thing 2’s) he was excited and smiling at everything he saw. Oh look a dog. Oh look it sniffed me to say hello. It was going to eat me. (I told him it wasn’t. Dogs don’t eat people. Usually… I didn’t say that last part out loud.) Haha, giggle giggle, oh look there’s another dog! (Said loudly enough to be heard by all the dogs in a 10km vicinity.)

He was also talking about cars. He was asking if I’m going home by car (even though he knows I take the bus). When I said I don’t have a car, he told me he has lots of cars and we’ll bring them to my house and build a track and play with the cars and then you’ll have cars Emmi and it will be fun Emmi and we can play with the cars and hey a bird.

Please, toddlers, if you’re in bed, how about you sleep? It’s good for you, it’s good for me, it’s good for everyone!

Now I’m going to sleep.


Lady Joyful

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