Thought-Of-The-Day: January 9th 2018

About that potty training

I made a mistake this morning. I assumed that because Thing 2 had used the potty (and had a big wee) we would be fine going to a slightly further away park. Turn out I was wrong. About five minutes before we would have been leaving Thing 2 pauses, looks at me, and lets me know he has wet himself. Great.

Unfortunately I had made the mistake of presuming that there was no way any accidents would occur, so I foolishly hadn’t bought any spare clothes with us. For a second I thought maybe he’d be okay enough to walk back from the park, but after taking a few tentative steps towards me with a particularly Cowboy-esque stride he refused to walk any further.

The quickest way to get back would definitely be to put both boys into the buggy, and for me to walk as quickly as possible. But I knew Thing 2 would not appreciate sitting in wet clothing, and given the cold weather I wasn’t keen on leaving him in the wet clothing anyway.

So I did the only thing I could do.

I stripped him off, in the middle of the (empty other than us) park. Quickly got the wet things off, grabbed a nappy that happened to be in the buggy and put that on him. His overall thankfully had remained dry so after taking his underclothes off I got that back on him, got his shoes on him, and put him in the buggy. He had no trousers or socks under the overall. I put my scarf over his legs for some extra warmth, and we went back as quickly as possible.

Thankfully he seemed plenty warm enough when we got in. And he didn’t seem at all fussed by the event. In fact for most of the journey he was chattering away to himself and to Thing 1, and most of what I could make out was him saying “Hyvää [Thing 2]!” (“Good [Thing 2]!”) so he certainly wasn’t traumatised.

Maybe I need to go back a step or two in the potty training, and make sure we have at least the training pants on when we’re at the park. They hold accidents better than the boxers he was wearing, in any case.

I definitely need to be more prepared for accidents happening, that’s for sure. In my defence, these are the first children I’ve ever been involved with potty training, so it’s a learning curve for me too!


Lady Joyful

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