Thought-Of-The-Day: January 8th 2018

Wisdom of an almost-three-year-old: dogs eat peas, and we eat food.

Maybe I should start a “wisdom of an almost-three-year-old” segment. I’ve previously considered a “things toddlers do” segment. I feel like there would be some overlap.

I’ll explain the second part of the wisdom first. It’s pretty straight-forward. Any time I ask Thing 1 what he thinks we’ll be having for lunch, he responds with “ruoka” (food). Which is technically correct, but not what I was meaning.

And as for the first part… When we were walking to the boys’ music club today we saw some dogs. Thing 1 started talking about wanting a dog, which as far as I’m aware is not something he’s talked about before. At least he hasn’t with me. I told him it’s not up to me whether he gets a dog, and he responded by saying that he and mummy will go to the shop and get a doggy and bring it home. I said he’d have to talk to her about that.

I then asked him what dogs eat. He thought about it and then said they eat bread and cheese and peas.

“Peas?” I asked.

Thing 1 grinned at me. “Doddy eat peas.” he replied.

Fair enough.


Lady Joyful

PS, apparently I made this wisdom thing into a category. Let’s hope they have some more wisdom in the future then!

PPS, I just noticed that, other than the first three, every TotD I’ve posted this year has had the wrong year in the title… oops!

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