Thought-Of-The-Day: January 7th 2018

Sorry for being awkward!

We went out to dinner today. We don’t often go as it’s not something we can afford to do a lot. But we had some giftcards and decided to use them. We went to a fancy-ish burger place that we’ve been to a couple of times now.

I’m a bit fussy sometimes. When we placed our order we made sure to tell the waiter that I wanted no mayo and no gherkins in my burger. The burger I ordered was a bacon and cheese burger, and was supposed to have two kinds of mayo (regular and bacon).

A couple of minutes later the waiter came back to check whether I still wanted the bacon in my burger. We assumed that the question was to make sure that I wanted bacon even though I didn’t want bacon mayo. Fair enough I suppose.

Except when my burger came there was mayo in it. Bacon mayo.

We let a passing waitress know, and she took it back to the kitchen. We were actually sat close by, so I was able to see the visible annoyance on the chef’s face, and hear her say “but they said yes to the bacon mayonnaise”. Well, I didn’t exactly…

Miscommunication happens. I got the right burger in the end, and I was happy with it. But I felt bad about causing such a fuss. I just don’t like mayo.

What I don’t understand though, is why they’d think I wouldn’t want regular mayo but would want the bacon mayo. Surely if you ask for the mayo off you either a) are allergic to mayo or b) don’t like it. And neither of those scenarios would indicate that the flavoured mayo is okay to stay.

Am I just missing the scenario in which that makes sense?


Lady Joyful

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