Photo-A-Day: July 17th 2017

Tomorrow is my first day back at work. I’m actually not looking forward to it. We had a lovely day out today including a trip to the cinema, but since we got home I’ve been having anxiety. Not about anything particularly specific, but I think it is stemming from the return to work. I know logically that it will (probably…) all be fine, but try convincing my anxiety of that!

It doesn’t help matters that it’s already an hour past bedtime. I haven’t programmed my schedule app on my phone yet. I schedule in my timetable for each day, and that makes my life easier for example when it comes to my morning routine. It buzzes to let me know when to get ready to head to the bus. It helps me plan out what I’ll have time for in the evenings. And I really need to get it sorted now…

Also Lola is yelling for food… So, yeah, that’s your blog post.


Lady Joyful

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