Photo-A-Day: July 15th 2017

I had every intention of putting up photo posts whilst we were in England. I even had several photos added into posts as drafts – they just needed me to write a little something as an accompaniment, and then press the “publish” button. But I didn’t do that. I barely touched my laptop at all, and whilst I could have done it from my phone I just didn’t even think of it.

It was quite nice to have a real break from everything if I’m honest. But I do enjoy blogging, and missed hearing from some of my regular commenters! On the plus side, not posting whilst we were away does mean I now have these few pictures available to last me for the next few days.

Coming back from holiday is always a bit of an adjustment. Seeing my family reminds me how much I miss them. And then of course we have to get back to life – cooking for ourselves, cleaning the flat, dealing with the cats, and returning to work. Actually I’m part-time for the next few weeks (using holiday days here and there) so it’s not exactly right back into it. But it did really remind me how much I wish I could just retire and be able to do what I want, when I want. Travel with my husband, and just spend more time together generally, craft whenever I like, watch films or go for walks. Well, maybe if we win the lottery…


Lady Joyful

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