Photo-A-Day: July 2nd 2017

This weekend is just busy busy busy! I’ve been working on getting the thank you cards finished that I’m giving as a wedding present. (The parts are all cut at least, and I’m taking them with me to assemble.) Then we met with the cat sitter, talked through all the details and gave her the key. We had to pack, and tidy, and use up food from the fridge, and all sorts of every. Even now, at half past nine when it’s about time I should get to bed (we need to be up by five) there still feels like a million and one things that I ought to be sorting. We’ll get there though.I hope…

This picture was taken a week or two ago. It had been a lovely sunny day and I was considering going outside with the boys for their snack. In the end we didn’t do that, and it’s a good thing too because the weather changed without any warning! And it would have been a lot of fun trying to hurry inside with two toddlers, my backpack, Thing 2’s backpack, the large bag of outdoor toys, and all their snack things… Plus it started thundering that scared Thing 2 even without being outside for it. Bless him.

Hopefully the weather will be nice for our time in England, especially for the wedding!


Lady Joyful

7 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: July 2nd 2017

  1. Weather here well can change without warning too. In fact, we can have sun, rain and fall weather all in one day. If conditions are right, sometimes snow. I hope the weather is good for you when you go to the wedding and England. Is your cats going with you on your trip?

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