Photo-A-Day: June 30th 2017

One of the parks I frequently take the boys to has a little storage shed where all the trikes, scooters, toy lorries, etc. are kept. Last week I came out of the shed, having got a little moped for Thing 1 to ride around on, and spotted this little squirrel. He can’t have been more than a metre away from me. I very quietly started taking pictures, moving slowly as I did. I was trying to get into a better position so that the whole squirrel would be visible, but didn’t want to scare the fluffball in the process.

Of course Thing 1 then appeared and wanted to know what was going on, and very loudly said “squirrel!” when he spotted it. Said squirrel didn’t stick around for long after that, so the best picture I got of him lacked a head… Still, you can see his lovely colouring, which is something at least!


Lady Joyful

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