Photo-A-Day: June 26th 2017

Here’s the last of the pictures I took of these lovely azaleas. If you’re wondering how on earth I suddenly know what they are given my general flower illiteracy then that would be thanks to one of my lovely readers, who suggested that they could be azaleas. I agreed given that I like the name, ha! But after a quick image search I believe that Samantha was correct. The flower in my photographs certainly do look like these ones, after all.

I have two more days of photos for sharing with you, which does give me a bit of breathing room. I need to get more though as I will need to preschedule Thursday’s post because I am babysitting that evening, which means leaving straight from work to go there, and not getting home until almost my bedtime! Plus if I have a few ahead that means I shouldn’t have to panic so much about sorting photo posts whilst I’m in England. Although my brother’s dog will no doubt model for some. She usually does!


Lady Joyful

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