Photo-A-Day: June 24th 2017

Normally the end of a Saturday reminds me that the weekend is rushing towards being over. It makes me think of all the things I was planning to get done, and the fact that I haven’t done most of them. Then I start to feel stressed about only having one day left to get things done, and if I’m spending all my time being productive (yeah, right!) then I won’t have time to spend with husband before it’s back to work days and sleep deprivation.

Today is a bit different though. For one thing, I have already had two days off. (You’d think that would mean I’d managed to work my way through my to do list a bit… yeah, not as much as I’d like.) And for another, I still have two days left. Tomorrow is not the last day of my weekend as I have Monday off too! Although on Monday I have a couple of appointments (including one related to my citizenship application), so it’s not going to be a day where I can work on whatever I want. But still. Two more days of weekend sounds good to me!

And in any case, this will be the last week before my summer holidays! I work Tuesday through Friday (including at my side job on Thursday), then it’s the weekend, and then on the following Monday we’re flying to England. We’ll be at my mum’s until the weekend when we’ll attend my older brother’s wedding, then off to my dad’s until the following Thursday, and then we fly back home. I’ll be back to work the week after that but only half time (using some holiday days here and there) until August. Nice and relaxing!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get lots of cards made during that time off!


Lady Joyful

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