Photo-A-Day: June 16th 2017

Have I mentioned recently how much I love my camera’s ability to zoom? Even just the point-and-click camera. These pretty flowers were on a slope right next to the metro line. I couldn’t exactly get close to them to take pictures. Okay, some people might have climbed on to the bank to take the pictures, but I’m not some people. Plus I had the boys with me and I wasn’t going to leave them in the buggy whilst I went clambering around near the metro line.

Thanks to the zoom on my camera I was able to quickly snap a couple of pictures before we continued our journey to the park. If I’d only had my phone with me that wouldn’t have been possible, because digital zooms are rubbish and you’re better off trying to take a picture with a potato.

Fine, maybe not literally. But using the digital some on my phone for this picture would have resulted in a mess. Just a mess. A proper physical zoom mechanism is far preferable.


Lady Joyful

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