Photo-A-Day: June 14th 2017

One day late last week whilst the boys were napping and I was having a well-earned break I spotted this beetle on the balcony. I realise the picture doesn’t give much scale, but it was pretty large! It seemed to have slightly caught its leg as it was unable to get away from where it was.

After quickly snapping a picture of it I found a piece of cardboard and used that to help lift the beetle a bit so that it could get free. My plan was to open the balcony glass once it was free so that it could fly away. That plan didn’t work out though because as soon as it was free it started flying around and buzzing very loudly. I am not keen on insects – they freak me out. So having a particularly large one buzzing around close to me was not fun. I might have run away…


Lady Joyful

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