Photo-A-Day: June 1st 2017

We spotted this snail on the path when we were walking back from the park a few days ago. It had been raining which of course prompted all the snails to appear and make their way across the paths. I’m not sure why they do that… There were rather a few of them squished as a result, poor things…

The boys were fascinated by the snail. We stopped so they could get a good look at it. And when it was time to go they both said “bye bye ‘nail!” As we continued our walk they pointed at every snail, half crushed shell, or vaguely-snail-looking-stone that they saw and happily announce “‘nail!” and laugh giddily at it. Walking back from the park sure is an adventure.

Even the next day when we walked along the same path they decided they must explain to me in great detail (most of which went over my head – some of their babbling is incomprehensible!) that we’d previously seen a snail on this path and they’d looked at the snail and then when we left they said bye bye snail and also did I know that snail.



Lady Joyful

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