Thought-Of-The-Day: May 28th 2017

One step at a time.

I’m trying to get back in to the swing of blogging and cardmaking, but it’s not easy. I want to be doing them, but I feel like there’s always so much that needs doing. There’s housework, writing, colouring, photographing, cooking, time with husband, time with the cats, time to sleep..!

Maybe I’m trying to take on to much. I feel like the issue is mostly that I’m not spending my time as efficiently as I could be, and I’m letting myself fall behind on some things which means the tasks just build up and up. I need to whittle it all down to more manageable chunks.

That said, I did decide to turn down a side job opportunity because maybe I shouldn’t be putting more things on to my plate at the moment…


Lady Joyful

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