Thought-Of-The-Day: May 22nd 2017

That would seem convincing if not for a few minor errors…

I had a comment in my spam folder for the other blog. That’s not an uncommon occurrence. I’ve not received this particular spam before though. This particular spam was thanking me for my wonderful post and mentioned that they’re doing a university presentation on the subject I wrote about.


If you’re familiar with the other blog you’ll be aware that I use it only to blog about the cards I’ve made. Hardly a topic suitable for a university presentation.

And of course there were the usual hallmarks of a spammy comment – the odd grammatical and spelling choices, links to the “author’s site” which are just advertisements. I’m sure you know the drill.

If I am some how mistaken and the commenter in question is genuinely going to be doing a university presentation about my card… well… I’m intrigued to know how that goes and what you have to say about it. Please have someone video it so that I can watch it. Thanks.


Lady Joyful


4 thoughts on “Thought-Of-The-Day: May 22nd 2017

  1. Maybe your cards are ridicuous? 😃 Or the motives on them…? *shrug* I like your ridiculous cards though.

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