Thought-Of-The-Day: May 15th 2017

That was unexpected. 

It’s only in the last week or two that I’ve managed to get Thing 2 back into the habit of going to sleep without me being in the room with him. He’d previously been very easy to put to nap, but after all the changes this spring – most notably the birth of his baby brother – he’d regressed a little. Getting the habit back was quite a relief.

Today when I got to work I discovered that Thing 2 will no longer be sleeping in the travel crib that we’d previously been using for him. Understandable, as he is getting a bit big for it and there was a concern that he might try to climb out of it at some point. Instead he would be sleeping in a little rollout bed box thing (not sure what you would call it!) that slides under the adult bed for storage. This little bed being one that he can get in and out of by himself.

At the end of last week one of my work days was at Thing 2’s home instead of Thing 1’s. At nap time Thing 2 was constantly getting in and out of his bed rather than going to sleep. I imagine in part because having both his mum and myself there at naptime was a bit confusing for him. His mum was initially trying to get him to nap (as I sorted Thing 1), but after about 40 minutes had to go and feed Thing 3 (the baby brother) so I went and sat in with Thing 2, and he eventually dozed off an hour after being put for his nap.

You can probably understand then my expectation that this new bed would cause trouble. I was absolutely certain that he’d be in and out of it, trying to play with toys instead of sleeping.

When we went into the room at naptime and he got his first glimpse of the bed his eyes widened. For a moment I thought he might be worried by the change, but then he grinned at me. I pulled back the covers and let him clamber in, handed him his cuddly toy and covered him up. Then I wished him goodnight and left the room. Closing the door I waited with bated breath for the first sound of him leaving the bed. And… he didn’t.

Admittedly he was still awake when I checked in on him 10 minutes later, but he was still in the bed!

Unexpected, but in a good way!


Lady Joyful

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