Photo-A-Day: May 15th 2017

The boys and I spotted this sleepyhead as we walked to the park on Friday. Actually, that’s not strictly true. I spotted the duck and pointed it out to the boys. It wasn’t particularly close to us and was better camouflaged than you’d expect given this photograph, so they were having a hard time seeing him. They worked out roughly where it was from my attempts at pointing it out to them, but were more convinced that there was indeed a duck present when I took this picture and let them see the duck on the screen of the camera.


“Duck” is one of the words the boys both know. Or, well, ankka which is one of the Finnish words for duck. I think this particular kind of duck is sorsa not ankka (at least that’s what husband said) but anyway, the word the boys use is ankka. Or a’kka.

I did say it’s a duck, but they still insisted on saying ankka. Much like how Thing 1 will say “vauva” no matter how many times I say “baby” instead. Or how everytime I try to get Thing 1 to say “sheep” he just says “baa”…


Lady Joyful


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