Thought-Of-The-Day: May 11th 2017

I’m not sure whose benefit this is for…

During lunch today I resorted to finding some “calm music for children” on my phone. Ostensibly to calm the boys down, but probably a bit for me too…

If you have any knowledge of children you may be aware of the period known as “The Terrible Twos”. Well, we are approaching them. Thing 1 turned two today. Thing 2 will next week.

The Terrible Twos are not exactly linked to age. It’s almost like a stage of development. Thing 2 certainly seems to have reached it… There’s plenty of limit testing, purposeful misbehaviour, smirking or laughter when told off (followed inevitably by repeating the behaviour…)

Lunchtime was hard. He hadn’t even started to eat before he was in time out. (I’ve only recently needed to start doing time outs with them.) After time out he came to have lunch, promptly spat his milk everywhere (an ongoing point of contention) and ended up back in time out. And when he came back for lunch, he did it again.

The problem with the spitting behaviour is it’s very difficult to stop. With hitting, you can physically prevent them from doing it (by holding the arm that’s trying to hit, for example). But that’s not really possible with the spitting. If they’re throwing books I can just take the books away, but I can’t take his drink away (at least not permanently) because he needs to drink. I’m sure a lot of my frustration at the behaviour is that I feel unable to truly prevent it because he laughs when I tell him not too, and doesn’t seem to realise that time out is a ‘punishment’.

I need to find a solution.

But anyway, in the meantime playing a bit of calming music was helpful. It did seem to calm the boys, and also acted as something of a distraction. And it helped to soothe my ruffled nerves.


Lady Joyful

2 thoughts on “Thought-Of-The-Day: May 11th 2017

  1. Oh..I hope you manage to sort it. I was so lucky…my two never had them and there was only one spitting incident. I said, very coldly, “That’s absolutely disgusting. Not even animals spit.” I carefully avoided mentioning llamas…but he never spat again!

    • I hope so too. It’s pretty frustrating. I think the bit that gets to me most is the laughing/grinning when I try to correct his behaviour. But maybe this’ll just be a short phase… I can hope!

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