Photo-A-Day: May 11th 2017

When you looked at yesterday’s photo, you may have noticed how beautifully sunny it was. If you missed it, don’t worry. The cute squirrel was certainly a distraction from a weather. But it was beautiful and sunny, as I said. Check back if you don’t believe me.

Well, this photo was taken the same day. The squirrel photo was taken whilst we were out at the park. We went back inside for lunch, after which the boys had their nap as usual. Their nap-time is my break-time. And during that time it started to precipitate. The precipitation continued on and off for the rest of the afternoon. It kept changing form. Sometimes it was rain, sometimes snow. Shortly before I left it was sleeting horrible. As I was walking to the bus stop it changed to snow with a bit of light hail thrown in for good measure.

The weather was similar today actually. Sunny in the morning. Bursts of variable precipitation in the afternoon.

I am unimpressed. Isn’t it supposed to be summer soon?


Lady Joyful

9 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: May 11th 2017

    • It’s supposed to be (almost) summer here too! It has warmed up a bit again actually – today got up to 15C (about 59F) which was rather pleasant. I am looking forward to summer properly arriving πŸ™‚

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