Thought-Of-The-Day: May 9th 2017

Every day you learn something new.

I actually wrote a different thought of the day earlier, but I decided it was too negative. In an effort to focus on the positive (especially important given the awful day this has been!) I chose to do a different thought.

I’ve probably already mentioned that the boys seem to be learning new words at a rapid rate recently. Thing 1 said thanks (ank) today and hair (air) yesterday for the first time, for example. Thing 2 has picked up on the words digger and careful in particular. They like to try repeating pretty much every word they hear.

They’re also starting to play with stringing words together. Thing 1 in particular, though I’m sure Thing 2 will be doing it too before long. Yesterday Thing 1 told me “that way car”, “that ball meow ball” (it was the cat’s ball), “that one purple” and “Emmy hair”.

Today at snack time he came up with a particularly adorable sentence. He’s very fond of banana lately, and had a little with his snack. He ate it very quickly and, whilst still eating the rest of his snack, he kept talking about the banana. Then he said “Emmy, please please more ba”.

I gave him more. How could I not when he’d asked so nicely?!


Lady Joyful

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