Photo-A-Day: May 9th 2017

If you’ve been hoping to get up close and person with Lola, here’s the perfect opportunity! If you look closely you might even be able to see my reflected in her eyes. Isn’t she pretty?

She looks about chubby in the face here. Not that that makes her any less pretty. Just an observation. It’s kind of funny how she manages to look tubby despite being a very slim cat.

Actually she wasn’t always slim. She got a little podgy at the end of last year. She managed to go months without vomiting, was eating better than ever, and gained a bit of weight as a result. But in the last few weeks she’s started being sick regularly again, and often doesn’t have such a good appetite. She’s still healthy, and certainly not underweight, but she’s lost the extra weight she had put back on.

We have no idea what causes the vomiting. The vets never managed to work it out, and didn’t seem that interested in investigating… Changing her food seemed to improve things, as did putting her on the medicine she has. But the food and medicine haven’t changed in the time since she was symptom-free. If the symptoms worsen we’ll see if we can persuade the vets to do any further investigations.

Anyhow. She’s pretty. That was the point of the picture.


Lady Joyful


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