Photo-A-Day: May 7th 2017

It’s getting beautifully springlike here in Finland. Or at least in our part of it. The last few days have been lovely. Warm and sunny. Flowers are starting to grow. The grass is turning greener. And buds are appearing here, there and everywhere.

There are animals showing up again too. We saw a hare from our window a few days ago. There are frequently birds singing and chattering, or flying from tree to tree. I’ve seen some squirrels (a poor one the other day huddling high up in a tree as a man let his dog bark at it for several minutes…) And as we came home from the shop early today we saw a rather large bumblebee working busily amongst the buds on a tree.

Then again… the forecast for the next few days is not quite so lovely. Rain tomorrow. Rain with a peeking sun on Tuesday. Double rain on Wednesday, and rain again on Thursday. Friday looks to be dry, at least based on the current forecast… I guess it can’t be sunny all the time!


Lady Joyful

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