A Year of Motivation – Round-Up: Week 18 2017

motivationheaderHere we are at the end of the first week of May. April had been a bit of a tough month, and I felt like all the habits were sliding out of my grasp. Things seem to be going much better now and I’m getting myself back on track! Read on for the details.

The habits I’ve been trying to build so far are:

  • Go to bed on time (make it smarter – be in bed by 21:15 every day)
    • The running average is going the wrong way again! And as I write this I’m already 10 minutes late… Why is this so difficult?!
  • Get up on time  (make it smarter – get up with the first alarm, no snoozing)
    • After last week’s failed later alarms experiment I moved the alarms to how they were before and seem to be back at getting up about 6 each (weekday) morning.
  • Work before play (make it smarter – complete task list before doing ‘for fun’ things)
    • Definitely going in the right direction here, though it still needs some work. The weekend has been quite productive. The key is to avoid turning my computer on until I’ve got productive things done. Although that isn’t as effective when the productive things require use of the computer!
  • Communicate more (make it smarter – communicate via text, email, Skype or letter with at least one person every day)
    • still have to reply to that letter I received a couple of weeks ago. I have however replied to another letter, sorted some emails, and Skyped a couple of times.
  • Get ahead, stay ahead (make it smarter – be consistently two days ahead on card making and blogging)
    • Not ahead. Kind of on track though. So far this week I managed to get a card done every day (or at least a card post – the boys’ cards that I blogged yesterday were made on Thursday), although that doesn’t count today because I ran out of time. I would have been ahead for photos if I hadn’t been stupid and forgotten the memory card. I’m trying!
  • Get fitter (make it smarter – do one workout every non-work day)
    • Nope. Haven’t even tried since I added this habit…

Habits to add:

  • None this week.

Habit shelf:

  • Colour daily (make it smarter – work on my colouring planner during my work break in order to complete one colouring page a week)
    • I did fairly well. I worked towards catching up last week’s, but got fed up before completely finishing. I didn’t completely finish this week’s either. But still, I did pretty well considering there were only 3 work days (I was ill on Thursday, and Monday was a holiday) to work on it. I intend to get this week’s, at least, finished tomorrow before starting on next week’s. I may go back and finish last week’s as well.
  • Read on weekdays (make it smarter – read whilst commuting to and from work in order to complete one book every 14 days)
    • Yup, and I finished my book too. Still ahead of schedule for my reading challenge. The book I’m taking with me for tomorrow is quite a short one so I may even get it finished before the end of the week, then I can move on to my recently purchased books which I am itching to get at! They are heftier books than many of those I’ve read so far this year and may take a bit longer to read, so it’s good I’m ahead!
  • Brush Lola’s teeth  (make it smarter – brush Lola’s teeth every morning)
    • Back on target! I brushed them every weekday. I did plan to do them at the weekend too but didn’t get around to it.

Focus on the Positive (decided to make this its own thing):

  • I feel like I’m slowly but surely paring down my todo list, and doing better at getting things done. Yesterday we had a lovely morning out, despite the hiccup with the camera. Over the course of the weekend I have: put up curtains*, changed the bed, got caught up on a good chunk of the housework*, made choco-coconut granola, made vanilla almond cereal puffs, made* and eaten* some very tasty meals, replied to emails about a potential second job, rearranged my card stockpile, rearranged the pantry, adjusted the meal plan based on checking what in the pantry needs using soonest, been grocery shopping*, and taken some time to rest.


Lady Joyful

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