Thought-Of-The-Day: May 6th 2017

Well, that was really stupid of me.

This morning Lola was sunbathing on the balcony. I grabbed my SLR and took a few pictures of her, then she came over for food so I set the camera aside.

Not long after we went out, and took the camera with us. We took a metro towards the centre, went to some interesting Asian shops, had lunch, then walked to the waterfront and sat chatting for a while. I took a fair few pictures as it was lovely and sunny. Pictures of the sunlight glittering off the water. Pictures of some interesting looking buildings. I even got a couple of train pictures, and a lovely macro image of a flower. I checked the pictures on the screen of the camera immediately after taking them, but didn’t bring up the images after that to check again.

You may have already guessed where this is going…

When we got home, after having done some food shopping, I went over to use my computer. There on my keyboard was the USB memory card reader I use for loading the pictures from my camera to the computer. And in the memory card reader was the camera’s memory card, left there when I got the pictures for yesterday’s card post.


I had spent the whole morning taking pictures without the memory card in which means none of them saved. All those wonderful pictures, that I’d planned to use for photo posts this coming week, gone.

I am annoyed at myself.


Lady Joyful


8 thoughts on “Thought-Of-The-Day: May 6th 2017

      • Sound like a good idea to me. I always like your thoughts of the day since I started following you. Maybe you could suggest that idea to the camera company and they could update their camera like some phones are updated when something new is added. There’s always a possibility for a next time.

          • Thank You. I just updated my camera sort of, I finally went digital last year. I always used a disposable camera. You have to understand one thing Lady Joyful, cameras and me do not mix. My digital camera and I are friends so far if you what I mean.

            • Ah I see 🙂 I’ve been digital for a while (though I do miss my film SLR from time to time!) and manage it fairly well most of the time. This was only the second occasion I’ve managed to take photographs without the memory card in. I’ve had this camera for almost a year now, after buying it off my brother who wasn’t using it anymore 🙂

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