Photo-A-Day: May 5th 2017

I’m not sure whether the inner part of this tree is cracking through the bark, or whether the outer bark is gradually engulfing the inner portion. Either way I thought it looked interesting, and I managed to snap a picture in the split second during which no children were visible in the frame of view. Thing 1 was just off to the side, Thing 2 on a swing a little way behind me. Not long previously there had been a large group of school children playing in the park whilst their teachers supervised. It definitely would have been a lot more difficult to get a child free view if they were still around!

I do think trees can be fascinating. The nooks and crannies they have. The whorls in the bark. All the different colours and textures. There’s lots to see in them if you only care to look.


Lady Joyful


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