Thought-Of-The-Day: May 4th 2017

It’s amazing how easily a task that seems big can be completed.

Okay I admit that’s not always the case. But clearing the clutter from the table, for example, which had been quite a daunting task, actually turned out to be quite easy. Likewise the citizenship application which I had been putting off and putting off wasn’t as hard as I’d expected. (Admittedly I’ve still not yet sent it. It’s like I seem to think it will improve with age or something… One last check and I’ll get it sent!)

I’ve spoken before about my issues regarding procrastination. I get stuck up on silly things, feeling like I have too many tasks and that they’re all insurmountable. The important part is starting, and then maybe I’ll find out that they’re not as troublesome as I thought. The mountain is actually a molehill. There is no bear in the bathtub.

Then again, sometimes the mountain-molehill is more like an actual hill, and maybe there’s no bear but the rabid squirrel doesn’t look very friendly either.

The point still stands though. Even if it does turn out that, yeah, this issue is an issue, at least by starting and properly looking at it I’ve gained that awareness.

Telling myself this is easy though. Actually following my own advice..? Not so much.


Lady Joyful


2 thoughts on “Thought-Of-The-Day: May 4th 2017

    • That’s one way of dealing with it. I’ve always been bad at sorting clutter… I have a tendency to just move it out the way rather than actually dealing with it!

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