Photo-A-Day: May 4th 2017

You may well be wondering why you are looking at a picture of our kitchen/dining(/my crafting) table. Well, because you can actually see it. The thing is, ever since we got it one half of the table has been almost perpetually covered in junk. Mostly papers and crafting detritus, a couple of packets of colouring pencils and some colouring books, and even a letter or two that had been read and forgotten about.

I’ve been fed up with the mess for quite some time, and this evening I finally decided to do something about it, rather than just being annoyed. We were listening to a podcast whilst I worked. I sorted everything into piles, got rid of the rubbish, put the papers in the box where they live, snippets into my snippet folder, card kits into the same cupboard my camera bag lives (actually the Easter themed card kit could probably be distributed to appropriate boxes rather than kept together now, as I’ve reached my goal number of cards with that kit), pencils into the drawer, colouring books away…

There’s so much space now! Okay, it’s a tiny table, I know that. It’s about the size of a desk. Not really designed to be a kitchen table. But it’s rare for anyone else to be eating with us so it works. And really, it’s mostly used for crafting. Having the other half of the table cleared means I won’t have to be working in such cramped conditions when I’m crafting, which might help me keep track of supplies better!

There’s still plenty of other areas in the flat that could do with being reorganised and cleared up. To be honest, there are still parts of my crafting area that could use it. But the important part is starting somewhere. And, of course, not letting the clutter build up again!


Lady Joyful


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