Thought-Of-The-Day: May 3rd 2017

What’s wrong with you, computer?

I’ve been having trouble with my computer for a while. It has a tendency to freeze up and stop responding when it is idle. At first it seemed the issue was when it wakes up from the screen saver. I disabled the screen saver and screen time out and that seemed to have fixed it.

But then…

I discovered that if it has been idle for a few minutes, regardless of the lack of screen time out, and I plug my card reader USB thing in without clicking the mouse first, it freezes up and becomes unresponsive. Oh and when I say freezes up, I have to use the button on the computer to force a restart if I want to use it…

Okay, fine. I can learn to click every time I come back from photographing my cards wanting to get the pictures onto the computer. Right?

Apparently not. Or, not well enough. You see, this evening I came over to my computer, barely touched the metal part of the USB stick to the USB port, and realised I hadn’t clicked. I figured it wasn’t a problem. It’s not like I’d put the stick in before clicking…

Three guesses what I found when I went to click the mouse, and the first two don’t count…

Yeah. It had frozen. I don’t even. The USB stick had just barely made contact with the port, but that was enough for the computer to decide to stop functioning. Geeze…

Thing is I have no idea what the issue is. If there’s a faulty part we’ll replace it, but we’re not sure what part it could be. I know my power supply is a bit iffy – it sometimes makes a very high-pitched whine, kind of like tinnitus. Barely audible, just enough to make me nauseous… It seems there might be something up with one of my hard drives because occasionally when using my computer we hear a sound like one of them powered off, and then when I switch from what I was doing (I think it’s always been whilst playing a game) to something else it wakes up again. And whilst writing this I just thought, maybe it’s not the computer that stops responding – maybe the keyboard and mouse stop giving input for some reason (or the computer stops noticing them.) I really am at a loss as to what the cause could be.

But I’ll just keep not letting my computer idle, and clicking before plugging in the USB, and hope I can just avoid the problem seeing as I’ve no idea how to fix it.


Lady Joyful


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