Thought-Of-The-Day: 24th April 2017

Baby cuddles are the absolute best.

I had a very long work day today. A normal day for me is eight hours and today I worked ten. It was definitely tiring. But… The extra two hours mostly consisted of cuddling Thing 3 (who is, if I recall correctly, 2 months old today.) Not much of a hardship that!

And in fact I got lots of cuddles from Thing 2 too. When he saw me cuddling Thing 3 he decided he wanted in on the action, so I was cuddling both of them for quite a while. Then when Thing 3 went to mummy for food Thing 2 continued to cuddle up with me. What a sweetie. He doesn’t tend to want to cuddle with me very often, because of all the playing there is to be done.

Baby cuddling is definitely the best kind of overtime.


Lady Joyful


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