Photo-A-Day: April 21st 2017

As the weather improves we’ve had more opportunity to leave our balcony door open. All three of the cats appreciate being able to go on the balcony, but Lola likes it most of all. She will quite happily go and sit out there for as long as we let her. Whether she’s sunbathing, listening to the traffic, or watching the birds that swoop by, she seems to be very content to be out there.

Sampson seems least keen on going out. He does go but doesn’t tend to stay out so long. He’s never been one for going outdoors, to be honest. When we got him (back in England) our other cats tended to go in and out of the house freely. On our first attempt at showing Sampson the world outside (a.k.a. the garden) he panicked and ran back in. He just doesn’t seem to be interested in going out!

Actually, he did go outside of his own accord at least one time. One of the other English cats, Belle, came back with a mouse. She cried at the door to be let in and, not realising about the mouse, I opened the door for her. At which point Sampson darted out, grabbed the mouse, and ran upstairs with it… That was fun trying to get it away from him! He didn’t seem to have a clue what to do with it once he had it though. Silly boy.


Lady Joyful

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