Thought-Of-The-Day: 20th April 2017

Stop delaying everything!

I got a bit annoyed with myself today. I feel like I’m constantly delaying things – putting everything off and procrastinating.

Sometimes it’s little things, like the email that arrived yesterday to which I thought “I’ll sort it at the weekend.” Or bigger things like my citizenship application which I’ve been procrastinating for months.

I feel like it’s getting to be a real problem. I leave things until later only for “later” to end up being weeks and months. My list of things to get done is constantly growing. Some of them are time sensitive. And when it comes to trying to do them I freeze up.

I need to do better.

Actually this evening I have done better. Kind of. I sorted laundry and the dishwasher as soon as I got home rather than going straight onto my computer. Spent some quality time talking with my lovely husband. Finished my card and… Well, then it was already past bedtime and I had to sort blogs! That card took longer than expected.


Lady Joyful

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