Thought-Of-The-Day: April 19th 2017

I’d call that a success!

Since Thing 2’s brother, Thing 3, was born he (Thing 2) has had a bit of a relapse when it comes to sleep. He won’t settle for his nap unless I stay in the room with him.

Today I decided that, as I have to be in the room with him, I’d work on weaning him off his dummy. I haven’t had to give Thing 1 a dummy for months now, but Thing 2 still has his for napping. (And I believe at other times too when at home.)

Usually when I put Thing 2 in his crib his dummy is there waiting for him. Today it wasn’t. I laid him down and put the cover over him. Almost immediately he began to ask for it – “tutti, tutti!”

He didn’t seem upset. More like he was trying to remind me of something I’d forgotten.

After a while he realised I wasn’t getting it for him. He tried sucking on his hand. I thought he might go for a thumb, but no – the whole hand. I discouraged that.

Then he sucked on his cuddly toy and his pillow. Neither seemed satisfactory. He tried pretending to cry but gave up quite quickly. Then he started calling for mummy. I shushed him and stroked his hair.

He yawned and, with a quivering tearful voice, said “tutti”. For a moment I thought he was going to get very upset. But instead he went quiet and rolled to his side. A moment later…

He was asleep!

I was amazed. I hadn’t expected him to manage to fall asleep without the dummy as he’s usually so reliant on it.

I waited a few more minutes to make sure he was truly asleep before leaving the room. Time to start my break!

Or it would’ve been, if Thing 1 wasn’t still awake when I checked on him..!

(And Thing 2 did wake up in the middle of his nap, at which point I did end up giving him his dummy because I felt it would be less disruptive than trying to get him back to sleep without it. One step at a time.)


Lady Joyful

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