Thought-Of-The-Day: April 18th 2017

I suppose, technically, your answer is correct! 

After Thing 2 was collected this afternoon there was still a little while before Thing 1’s mum was due to arrive. As we had the time and the weather was nice, I suggested we go out and play in the yard.

Whilst we were outside Thing 1 heard a plane. We had a look around and managed to spot it. Thing 1 pointed, grinned, then waved and said “bye bye!”

“Where do you think it’s going?” I asked. Immediately I realised I maybe shouldn’t have. Not many people can tell at a glance where a particular plane is going. And being a not-quite-two year old with the lingual skills that go with the age could also prove a disadvantage.

Nevertheless Thing 1 considered my question for a moment before pointing in the direction the plane was moving and saying confidently “That way.”


Lady Joyful


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