Thought-Of-The-Day: April 17th 2017

Plans never seem to go how I hope.

I’ve been planning to study and get a certificate in childminding. It’s something I’ve been thinking of doing for several years now. In fact, I applied and got accepted to a course two years ago, but then I was offered a job and we moved away from the area for that.

Then last year I again applied to studies, again got accepted, and… again ended up turning it down because we ended up moving for my new (current) job. There seems to be a pattern here.

Now I’ve started looking at applying for studies again. I already have confirmation that this job will continue until at least July 2018, so we’re not likely to move away anytime soon. But… The first place I found, which initially seemed the most likely choice, is done as an oppisopimus which is basically an apprenticeship – a contract has to be made between the place of study and my employer. I need to check if they’ll even accept me having a private employer rather than working for a company. The bigger issue though is that the contract would need to be 1,5 years, and at the moment my employers are only willing to commit to the one year. So… that might be a problem…

The next one I found has contact hours during the day, and I can’t really go to classes whilst I’m meant to be working.

The third and final course I found is taught in the evenings, and only lasts a year. It doesn’t seem to say if it’s done as oppisopimus or not, but even if it is the year is an acceptable length. But the location is not great. I’d need to go there 2 evenings a week. Not sure what time the classes are, but assuming a “normal” work finishing time it would take me anywhere from 1 hour 20 minutes to nearly 2 hours to get there by public transport. If we had a car it would be 30 minutes, but we don’t. Also it is more expensive than option 1 – 350€ study fee plus 58€ examination fee, whereas the first one was only the 58€ exam fee.

I’m not sure what to do. I actually double checked the location of option 1 and it would take about an hour to get there anyway, so maybe option 3 would be the best choice. At least, if we ignore the cost… It would get me the qualification quicker and shouldn’t have the issue with the contract. Though honestly the idea of working an 8 hour day, then having a 3-4 hour round trip plus a lesson two evenings a week is not very appealing… Might need to seriously consider getting a car if we chose that course, but then husband has to be able to drive me back and forth to class each time, seeing as I haven’t yet learnt to drive…

Actually I did find one place that does the childminder course that is much closer. Only about 20-30 minutes away. But there was no information on the site as to when the course would next be offered. I emailed to ask about it, but more than likely that means it won’t be any time soon.

If anyone reading this has any input on the situation I’d appreciate it! I’m really not sure what would be the best thing to do now…


Lady Joyful


6 thoughts on “Thought-Of-The-Day: April 17th 2017

  1. It all sounds like quite a lot to take on..hmm.. I would maybe hold out for the last option where the course is nearer. Are there specific dates that you have to apply by? What about the amount of travelling you would have to do in winter as well? I think you can cope with all the options perfectly well, but it’s a matter of choosing the smartest one (like your habit shelf) and the one that you can do your very best at, because what’s the point of travelling..then being too tired to fully commit…sorry I’m probably no help at all, but I’m confident you will choose what is right for you. 🙂

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