Thought-Of-The-Day: April 16th 2017

Everything is better with emojis.

Earlier today, when I was definitely not procrastinating, I went through my budget categories and added emojis into all the category names. Why? Well… because it’s fun!

So now the “Home” master category has a picture of a house with a tree. The rent category is a block of flats, and the moving sinking fund shows a cardboard box. The edibles master has a knife and fork, and each sub category has its own little picture – bread for food, a chicken drumstick for meat, ice cream for edible treats, and a burger for the restaurant category.

I went through all the categories and added little pictures. Some of the pictures make more sense than others. Father Christmas on the Christmas category is an obvious choice. The poop emoji for “pet accessories” might be less obvious until I point out that litter comes from that category.

I won’t go through telling you what all the categories have, because we have a lot of categories. To be honest, having loads of categories is not the recommended approach, but I appreciate the granularity. Having meat split out from other food costs has helped us bring spending in that area under better control. Likewise having Christmas as a separate category from “general gifts” (e.g. birthday presents) and “holiday gifts” (for if we want to buy people easter eggs, or halloween chocolate, etc.) guarantees that we have enough money for Christmas presents when the time comes. Actually my Christmas master category is very granular as I have separate sub-categories for the majority of the people we buy presents for (e.g. my dad has a category, my mum has her own, one for each of my brothers, each of the partners get there own, then one each for my husband’s direct family etc.)

But you probably don’t want to listen to (or I suppose read…) me rambling about my budget. And it’s nearly midnight anyway so I need to hit publish before it’s no longer today!


Lady Joyful

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