A Year of Motivation – Round-Up: Week 15 2017

motivationheaderHabit progress definitely seems to have slowed down in recent weeks, but that’s not going to stop me from trying. I have decided to add in a new habit despite none of the ongoing ones being ready to shelve yet. Maybe doing so will help shake things up and bring a bit of progress into the equation!

The habits I’ve been trying to build so far are:

  • Go to bed on time (make it smarter – be in bed by 21:15 every day)
    • My fall asleep hour continues to creep in the wrong direction. And as it’s already after 23:00 it doesn’t look like today will be an exception to that!
  • Get up on time  (make it smarter – get up with the first alarm, no snoozing)
    • I still seem to be steadily getting up at about 6. At least, on days that I have to be up for work. My alarm is actually 5:30, so clearly I’ve still been snoozing. But… for most of my work days getting up at 6 works well enough. Maybe I should change my alarm to be at 6..? But then I’d be worried that I’d still want to snooze, and would end up making myself late! Maybe I need that half hour to wake up properly before getting up… Hm.
  • Work before play (make it smarter – complete task list before doing ‘for fun’ things)
    • I should probably just get “procrastinator” tattooed on my forehead… Okay I have been semi-successful. I try to get at least some usefuls done before I do fun things. But I never seem to manage to get everything done that I had hoped/planned.
  • Communicate more (make it smarter – communicate via text, email, Skype or letter with at least one person every day)
    • I’m not doing daily, but I have been in contact with people a bit more. I wrote some cards I needed/wanted to sort (actually one is half done, I’ll finish it tomorrow.) I also finally wrote a reply to my previous employer. I haven’t sent it yet because I want husband to double check it for me (because I’m not entirely confident that I got all the Finnish correct.)
  • Get ahead, stay ahead (make it smarter – be consistently two days ahead on card making and blogging)
    • Nope. I do have a few pictures ready ahead of time for the photo posts, but less than I had this time last week. And I’m not ahead on card making in the slightest.

Habits to add:

  • Get fitter (make it smarter – do one workout every non-work day)
    • Workout can either yoga from the one DVD I have or a work-out from one of the books I have. I did do one on Friday already, but haven’t since as I’ve been giving my muscles a chance to recover! (Mostly my calf muscles.) I may later adjust this habit to be more than just non-work days, but let’s wait and see on that.

Habit shelf:

  • Colour daily (make it smarter – work on my colouring planner during my work break in order to complete one colouring page a week)
    • I coloured every work day except Wednesday when I was spent my whole break reading! I finished last week’s page and I think I finished this weeks. There are a fair few uncoloured areas remaining but that’s the nature of the picture – it needs some white. I probably could colour more if I wanted, but I like it how it is.
  • Read on weekdays (make it smarter – read whilst commuting to and from work in order to complete one book every 14 days)
    • I have indeed read on all my commutes. I finished my book on Wednesday and started a new one on Thursday, so I continue to be ahead of schedule. The book I finished is the first in a trilogy and I don’t have the other two. I decided to order them and they should arrive in a couple of weeks time. I’m hoping this current book will last me until they arrive, because then the first-in-the-trilogy story will still be reasonably fresh in my mind. At least, more so than if I have to start another book in between.
  • Brush Lola’s teeth  (make it smarter – brush Lola’s teeth every morning)
    • I did them every work day morning. Which is not the same thing…


Lady Joyful

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